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We recently spent the day going on a Local Table Tour, a dining experience of Downtown Boulder. We’ve been wanting to go on one of their tours for awhile now, and we were definitely not disappointed! We chose the Taste of Downtown Boulder Tour (they offer many different tours in Boulder as well as Fort Collins and Denver) because we felt it would provide the best overall experience of the town. Andddd, we were right! For out-of-towners and locals alike, this tour was informative and a ton of fun! You may think “can’t I just take my own tour of downtown Boulder?” You absolutely can, but what this tour provides is a custom experience with insider info on each restaurant. You truly will feel like a VIP at each stop, and they provide you with the BEST cocktail and app pairing. Although each Downtown Boulder tour is different, we wanted to give ya’ll a little taste of our tour:

First Stop: Arcana

Cocktail: Sample in a Jar

Small Bite: Trout Gravlox

Second stop: Via Perla


Cocktail: Venetian Spritz

Small bite: Gnocci Al Pomodoro

Third Stop: Wild Standard


Cocktail: Raspberry Bellini with Sorbet

Small bite: Local Tomato Burrata Salad

Final Stop: Le Pop 

Pictured: Cherry Lemonade with white chocolate and oreo  Matcha Tea with milk chocolate and coconut

Pictured: Cherry Lemonade with white chocolate and oreo

Matcha Tea with milk chocolate and coconut

Each stop provided such a unique experience and Local Table Tours did a great job of choosing a variety of restaurants. Some stops even gave us off-the-menu items from the chef that they felt best embodied their restaurant. One thing is for sure, you will leave with a new appreciation of the Boulder food scene. 

If you are interested in taking a tour in Boulder, you have many options to choose from: 

The Boulder Cocktail Tour

The Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Tour

The Taste of Boulder Culinary Tour

The Boulder Farmers’ Market Tour

Have you all ever taken a food tour in your own city or when traveling? Comment below!

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