LoHi Local Table Tour

We loved our Boulder Local Table Tour so much, we’re back at it again! This time we partook in the LoHi tour, which is an area that we aren’t very familiar with. We met with our guide, Tiffany, who lives nearby and had the inside scoop on all of the local spots. We couldn’t wait to get started and learn more about LoHi.

First Stop: The Bindery

They had champagne and a juice flight waiting for us when we got to the Bindery, which was the perfect way to start the tour!


We also had fresh oysters and each got our own 2 sliders. One beef with pickled onion and the other was a scallop slider! Unique and delicious! We loved the clean decor and open kitchen concept.

Second Stop: LOW Country Kitchen

This place is the cutest! You definitely get a vibe of the south, with the old fashioned china and wooden accents. We were greeted by one of the owners, who brought over this adorable mini Porch Swing cocktail. It was an Oolong tea-infused Bourbon, peach infused rum, pineapple, blueberry and basil. Even the non-bourbon fans were in love with this drink!

fried chicken.JPG

The food was also FANTASTIC. The best fried chicken we’ve had in Denver, by far. The macaroni and cheese was flavorful and their house-made hot sauces were tasty with just enough heat.

Third Stop: Dead Battery Club


Dead Battery Club is definitely one of the more unique places we’ve tried in Denver. Apparently, it’s a new addition to LoHi, and we are so happy that they’re here! They had amazing cocktails (we tried a tequila, gin, and whiskey drink which were all fabulous). They’re well known for their ‘buns’ and have several different options. We tried the smoked brisket, cream cheese, + jalepeño honey, spinach + artichoke, and spanish jamón + manchego cheese.

Final Stop: Habit Doughnuts

Habit doughnuts is known for their unique doughnut flavors (like mango curry, earl grey tea, and eggnog!) But even more so for their boozy injectables you can add to any doughnut. We ended up taking ours to go, because we were too full from the previous stops so no added alcohol this time… but check our previous instagram post from the BrunchFest for a picture!


This tour was an awesome experience for us since we hadn’t explored this area of Denver. Each restaurant had it’s own unique vibe and food/drink offerings. Keep in mind that each tour is unique, so you may not get to visit all of the places we did on the LoHi tour, but you’re guaranteed to have an awesome experience.

We absolutely love that the tours are walking tours, so you can take in some of the sights while checking out the local fare and drinks. Be sure to bundle up if you plan to go this winter, and keep it in mind for out of town visitors or to get your own inside tour of the city!

We can’t wait to check out more of the Local Table Tours. Our guide said the newest addition is going to be a tacos and tequila tour, which you all know is right up our alley! See our previous post for a list of the upcoming tours, or check the schedule!