Hidden Gems Part 2

Elwood Distilling Co


This is located in the former Avery Brewing location...any of y’all remember where that was? It’s in East Boulder, near Arapaho and 55th. They are strictly a whiskey distillery, and it. Is. Amazing! We were so happy to see this, since there are so few Boulder distilleries that actually have whiskey. The owner was great about letting us sample whiskeys and answering all of our questions. We also love that it’s named after the owner’s dog, Elwood. It’s really tucked away, so you might have to look for it. We promise, though, if you’re a lover of whiskey, you’ll be glad ya did!

Beyond the Mountain


This is brewery in Gunbarrel with really tasty beers. It’s inspired by the band, Phish, including the name of the brewery and all of the beers. The bar even has tons of Phish concert tickets on it! It’s kind of off the beaten path (literally, a hidden gem) but you’ll be happy you went! We always feel like it’s our little spot as it’s never crowded and you always see the same friendly faces behind the bar. Bring in your own food, your dog (even indoors), and check out one of their trivia nights. They now have food trucks on occasion, too!

Cafe Blue 


This is a local favorite that we found when we moved to the Gunbarrel area. They offer a variety of food, but we really love the happy hour menu. They surprisingly have one of the best homemade margaritas we’ve had! We also love that they serve their martinis with the rest in shaker - it’s basically two martinis for $6! As for the food, you can’t go wrong with anything. We’ve tried scallops, fish and chips, gnocchi, burgers. You name it, and it’s delicious! It’s in a funny location in a strip mall, but don’t let that fool you. Hidden gem for sure!

Refill Revolution 


Refill Revolution is a store that aims to reduce waste. It’s run by one, awesome woman, Brittney, who truly has a passion for this stuff. When we visited, we actually made our own bath salts and body scrubs out of bulk items from the store (can you say amazing Christmas gifts?!). We’ve also gone there to refill all of our shampoos, conditioners, oils, and detergents. It’s such a fun store to browse through. We ended up finding reusable things we had no idea existed and not to mention, save you tons of money. The store located on Arapaho near Jimmy Johns, but she also has an online site!



We accidentally stumbled across Wabos when we were visiting a consignment store in North Boulder. Two words: STRONG MARGARITAS. We love this place because it’s probably the most authentic Mexican restaurant we’ve found in town. It’s in such a fun spot too, located right up next to the foothills. The vibe is fun and the chips and salsa, to die for! The margaritas are good, strong, and a great price during their happy hour. We haven’t tried too much on their menu, but have really enjoyed the few things we have tried. Trust us, if you want an authentic, unique experience in Boulder, check out Wapos!