Dog-friendly Spots

We recently took a poll of things you want to see on the blog, and our first request was dog friendly spots (hikes, restaurants, parks, etc). This is an easy one for us, because we both have dogs and may or may not bring them everywhere we go! If we missed any, PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS! Here is our comprehensive list of spots around Boulder:



  • Snooze

  • Boulder Depot

  • Tangerine

  • Lazy Dog (they even have a DOG MENU!)

Breweries/Distilleries (** indicates the places that allow dogs inside)

  • Finkle and Garf**

  • Beyond the Mountain**

  • Avery 

  • Sanitas

  • Boulder Beer

  • Four Noses**

  • Gunbarrel Brewing**

  • Vision Quest**

  • Elwood Distillery**

  • Upslope**

Other Patios

  • Rayback Collective

  • Acreage

Hikes (too many to list! But here are some of our faves in town)

  • Green Mountain

  • Chautauqua

  • Sanitas

  • NCAR

Dog Parks (our favorites!)

Twin Lakes

Westminster Hills Dog Park

Foothills Dog Park


  • McGuckins

  • Scout & Molly’s Boutique

  • MooseJaw

  • JoAnn Fabrics 

Know of any we missed? Leave a comment below!

**This post was Coal and Rocco approved**