Let's Give 'Em Somethin' to Taco 'Bout

OK, so we decided to branch out from the "taco tuesday" routine and check out a new restaurant in South Boulder this weekend-- McDevitt Taco Supply.  You may recognize the name, because although the restaurant location is new, McDevitt has been around the Boulder area for quite some time.  They began as a taco stand in front of the Courthouse on Pearl Street and then branched out to do events (like music festivals, weddings, you name it!) eventually, scoring a permanent food truck at one of Boulder's best breweries, Sanitas Brewing Company.  

Now, McDevitt has it's own storefront location, at 4800 Baseline Road Unit C-110.  We had the pleasure of checking it out and had quite the experience!  The store manager, who goes by "Squid", chose his favorite items on the menu for us to try, including their McDevitt Margarita.


The McDevitt Margarita is definitely their take on the "classic margarita." Not too sweet, with the right ratio of tequila and mix, salted rim, and a lime garnish.  Needless to say, it was very refreshing and quite tasty!

Next, we tried the "Roasted Peppers" from the appetizer menu, which was SO unbelievably delicious.  It has mini sweet roasted peppers (as the name implies) but the unexpected aspect of this dish is the unique combination of ingredients also including roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic glaze, goat cheese, and pickled onions.  We felt "Mexican Caprese Salad" was a more appropriate name for this dish, but Squid wasn't as convinced 😂 .  It was so good, we would go back for this appetizer alone!


Finally, we got to enjoy a variety of their signature tacos, which were all quite impressive for different reasons.


We'll start from left to right/top to bottom.  First up, was the Lightning which is a shredded chicken taco with a kale, black bean, and corn mixture on top.  This is one of their most popular tacos, and for obvious reasons.  It has tons of flavor, and it makes you feel like you're eating partially healthy with the kale mixture 😉.  Next, was the Slow Roasted Pork, which was simple but SO flavorful and juicy.  Topped with fresh white onion and cilantro, you can't go wrong with this one.  The middle taco we decided was definitely the most unique: the ChocoPotle Beef.  As the name implies, the beef has a chocolate and cinnamon essence, which took our brains a moment to comprehend the combo-- beef and chocolate.  But, once you get it, this taco is definitely impressive. We would label this taco most unique and most savory.  We put some of the house made pineapple habanero hot sauce on this one, which was a perfect compliment to the cinnamon notes. The fourth taco we tried was the Garlic and Black Pepper Steak. This was a close-second favorite for both of us!  The steak was tender and doused in flavor, again with the raw onion, cilantro, and mildly spicy green sauce on top.  This taco was reminiscent of the standard "street taco" but the garlic and black pepper added a particular zest that we very much enjoyed.  Last, we tried the "special taco" of the day which was a Shrimp Po'boy taco.  This taco was downright amazing.  It had fried shrimp, cabbage, and a interesting sauce, which took us both a minute to figure out.  We decided the best way to describe it would be a chipotle thousand island dressing-- It was tangy, a bit spicy, and definitely had bits of pickle in it!  The combination of tastes was perfect and we were bummed to learn that this taco wasn't a permanent installment on McDevitt's menu.  But don't worry, Squid assured us that they rotate special tacos daily.  

Morgan's Favorite: Slow Roasted Pork

Celia's Favorite: Shrimp Po'boy 

Based on our experience, these guys really know how to put together a taco!  We'll most definitely be back, and hope you'll check out their new restaurant or grab a bite at Sanitas Brewing Co.  Don't forget that they also do events (who doesn't want a taco truck/bar at their wedding or gathering?!).  For more information or to see their full menus visit their webpage: https://www.mcdevitttacosupply.com/restaurant/

Comment below with your favorite thing to get at McDevitt! We'd love to hear your suggestions!