As the title implies, we can't pass up a good Bloody Mary.  We've done some research, and come up with 3 top bloodys in Boulder (and Louisville).  To justify ourselves, we considered the bloodys to be our "vegetable" serving for the day.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  Brunch on!

Lucky Pie


Their homemade mix hits it out of the park. Lucky Pie’s Bloody Marys are definitely more on the horseradish-y side, but it’s not overpowering. They add Tito's infused with garlic, cucumber, & peppers for a match made in heaven. We actually had a couple folks in our brunch crew who don’t particularly care for horseradish and still loved these bloodys. They definitely win in the “garnish” category too. They have all the usuals plus a cherry pepper and salami. We recommend pairing it with The Lucky Spread appetizer or the Napolitana pizza!

Under the Sun


It’s no surprise Under The Sun has homemade Bloody Mary mix or that it’s delicious. They are known for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and their mix is no exception. They have two options: the U.T.S. Bloody Mary and the Spicy Mary. The first uses Absolut Vodka, and the “spicy” uses pepper-infused Absolut Vodka. We preferred the regular U.T.S. Bloody Mary and added a touch of hot sauce for a little kick. Their mix is seasoned perfectly though and really doesn’t need any additions!  We recommend pairing with the Classic Benny or the Avocado Toast.



Eureka not only has amazing food, but they also have $5 Bloody Marys (and Mimosas if you're not into bloodys) during brunch hours!  This is the most "affordable" bloody on our list, and it definitely did not disappoint!  They offer regular or spicy, with some top notch garnishes-- bacon included!  The mix had just the right proportion of garlic, pepper, and tomato flavors.  Try it out with their Bread Pudding French toast for a mix of sweet and savory!

The Real Dill


Ok, so The Real Dill isn't a restaurant, but they're a local company that makes fabulous Bloody Mary mix. As the name implies, it is very dill forward, so if you're not a fan of pickles, you way want to check out another option. On the other hand, the pickle lovers in our group absolutely LOVED this mix. It wasn’t as if you’d just poured a bunch of pickle juice in your drink - but more so lots of dill with other spices that created the perfect balance. This mix is definitely our top pick for bloodys you can make at home.

Where to buy

Boulder: Hazel’s Beverage World

Denver: Molly’s Spirits