DIY @ the Refill Revolution

You guys. We have a new favorite store in Boulder: Refill Revolution. Brittney, the owner, runs a one-woman show where she aims to reduce waste by providing re-usable containers and bulk body care and household products.  She offers a variety of products from local liquid detergents to organic herbs sold by the ounce, and you can bring in your own container (or purchase one there!) to fill up. It’s not only super affordable and eco friendly, but it’s also a great place for DIY projects! We spent the afternoon at her shop making bath salts, essential oil "perfume", and body scrub.

Essential oil selection

Essential oil selection

Just an example of some of the cute eco-friendly items!

Just an example of some of the cute eco-friendly items!

Essential Oil Roll-On


You can do all kinds of things with the extensive essential oil selection in the store. We chose a roll-on container and then sampled different oils to see which combinations we liked best.  Eventually, we decided on an energetic mix of grapefruit and peppermint, but there were so many options to choose from! 


Brittney also has fresh herbs in her store that you can add to any of your creations.  How cool is that?  We chose mint to make our essential oil extra fresh and invigorating.  


Our finished product was an amazing energy boosting scent made by yours truly! Bring in your own containers to save $ and pay by the ounce for all oils! Including the container, this oil cost us around $5.

Body Scrub


We went with Brittney’s recommendation and used Pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and rosewood oil to make a Coconut Rose body scrub.  This adorable station is set up so you can weigh, mix, and customize your creations!


There are tons of different essential oils and salts to choose from to make your scrub one of a kind. The possibilities here are almost endless. 


 Including the container, the total cost is this scrub was around $6. 

Bath Salts


We layered sea salt, lavender, organic rose petals, and chamomile to make this beautiful bath salt.  Using the same station we used to create the body scrub (plus the adorable little wooden scooper) we weighed our products and added them to the jar. 


Super easy and so fun!  Plus, like with all of the other things we made throughout the day as customizable as you want to make it.  The bath salts run for about $10 including the jar.  

And finally, the finished products!


Whether you want to fill up some old containers you have at home with eco friendly product or want to make a one of a kind gift for a friend or family member, Refill Revolution has a little something for everyone.  Plus, it feels good to know that you're reducing waste and getting great quality products in the process!