MudbuM Facial Bar

What better way to have a girls day than grabbing brunch and facials!?  This past weekend we checked out MudBuM, a facial bar in Boulder right on the corner of Spruce and Broadway.  


MudbuM is a fun, no frills facial parlour. The atmosphere is bright and clean, with pops of their signature color-- hot pink (how fun is that?). MudbuM's mantra is that skincare should be affordable and approachable. You'll be in and out in 30 minutes with a beautiful, glowing face!


When we entered the facial bar, we were warmly welcomed by the staff, including owner, Sammy. She was SO thorough in explaining all the different facial options and products! Since we aren't frequent facial-ers, this was extremely helpful to us. We both opted for the Breathe facials and, with the recommendation of our estheticians, the breast milk facial add on. We were a little hesitant with the idea of a breast milk facial at first, but our estheticians explained all the benefits and we decided to give it a try! We'll explain the deets in a bit, promise.


Sammy and Izzy, the estheticians, made us feel completely comfortable from start to finish. We both started with the Goddess Cleanser, which is a hydrating, anti-aging, and gentle cleanser. For the next step, we each had different exfoliants. Celia started with the Pumpkin Peel, which is a strong exfoliant enzyme peel. If we're being completely honest, it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but we were assured that's how you know it's working! The intense tingling occurred when the peel was removing the dead skin cells from your face.  Definitely necessary with the awfully dry Colorado air! Morgan had the Scorpion Scrub which was a gentle exfoliant consisting of green tea, lavender, and ylang ylang. It smelled amazing and was definitely less harsh than the pumpkin scrub, but still helped to exfoliate the skin.  Each facial was tailored based on our unique skin type and needs!

Scorpion scrub

Scorpion scrub

Next, we had the breathe facials with the added breast milk mask.  Like we mentioned, we were a little apprehensive about that aspect, but after hearing the estheticians explain the added benefits, we were all in (#YOLO).  Anything for anti-aging, am I right?  The breast milk in combination with the Breathe mask was hydrating, antibacterial, with kaolin clay which calms and soothes the skin while eliminating redness.  

***They also kindly explained that the breast milk is donated by a local person with excess production and all of it is tested prior to being used on their clients.  

A bit scary, we know!

A bit scary, we know!

Next, they used something called "cold globes" to massage the mask into our faces, which were blue hand held orb-like things. This part felt AMAZING! The cold sensation was super refreshing and the lavender in the mask (the anti-bacterial property) created a mild tingly sensation.  


After the cold globe massage, they cleaned the mask off with a warm towel and applied the Goddess Toner.  The toner includes rose for hydration, and also decreases redness.  The ladies also said their toner can double as a make-up setter!  Finally, they applied the oils to keep our skin soft and hydrated throughout the rest of the day.  Celia had the Dancer Oil, which consisted of sunflower, ylang ylang (such a fun name, right?) and jojoba.  Morgan had the Goddess Oil, which was a simple combination of rose and Vitamin C.

We were definitely fans of MudbuM's vibe and how friendly and helpful their staff was!  The in-and-out facial bar is unique, with fast and efficient service that left our skin feeling clean and fresh. 

Worth Noting: MudbuM in Boulder has "Winesday Wednesdays" from 3-7 each Wednesday.  It's BYO beverage and snacks are provided!  Such a fun idea for a bridal party or girls night!