Bottomless Mimosas in Boulder... Who Knew?


We started this blog to bring you the best things to do in Boulder. Everyone knows Boulderites are equal parts foodie and adventure seeker. If we didn't include 'where to brunch', we definitely wouldn't be doing our job!  We have done diligent research (and eating & drinking) in order to bring you the the best brunch spots in Boulder. Not to mention, these are the ONLY places that offer bottomless (or close to it!) mimosas.  These restaurants offer amazing brunch food and adult beverages that will have you dreaming of the weekend all week long. Happy brunching!

Roadhouse Boulder Depot

Build your own Mimosa or Bloody Mary... We're in love.

Build your own Mimosa or Bloody Mary... We're in love.

When: Saturday & Sunday, 11AM - 2PM

Boulder Depot tops our list of best brunches for many reasons. First off, we didn't have to wait a bit and were given our choice of indoors or outdoors (they have a very cute and comfortable patio with colorful outdoor couches and umbrellas, not to mention... mountain views ). Secondly, who doesn't love a bottomless mimosa BAR for only $10?! What is a mimosa bar you ask? The waitress will bring you a (quite full) glass of champagne, and then you can mix and match whichever juices you'd like from the mimosa bar. If mimosas aren't your thing, you can do the Bloody Mary bar for $3 which included all types of pickled garnishes and hot sauces. The brunch was reasonably priced and 4/4 people at our table gave their meal 2 thumbs up.  

Worth noting: the Boulder Depot has tons of TVs inside for the men in your life that just can't miss football Sunday. 

Under the Sun Eatery

Pictured here: Classic Benny and B.E.L.T. + 2 grapefruit mimosas

Pictured here: Classic Benny and B.E.L.T. + 2 grapefruit mimosas

When: Saturday & Sunday, 10AM - 2PM

Under the Sun is among our favorites for these 3 reasons: $1.50 mimosas, short to no wait time, and great food at reasonable prices. So, not technically bottomless but essentially considering the price. The mimosas come in different options (apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit) and are a good size. We each had about 2 or 3 before we called it quits. We sat inside but there is a small patio if you so choose. Our wait time was nonexistent and we were seated with mimosas in hand in under 10 minutes of walking through the door. The food was great and we were shocked at the pricing. A Benedict for $8?! Cheapest we've seen in during our brunching "research."

Worth noting: Under the Sun only accepts cash and doesn't split checks. They have an ATM in the restaurant or a Wells Fargo ATM in the shopping center across the way, but we recommend preparing ahead of time!  

The Buff


When: Daily 6:30AM - 2PM

The Buff is tried and true (if you don't know what this is, do you really live in Boulder?) They know what they are doing as far as food goes and we've never left disappointed. With each meal, you can order up to 3 cocktails for $1 each (Bloody Mary, mimosa, or tequila sunrise). Again, not technically 'bottomless' but pretty close. The Buff really shines with their coffee menu and we'd highly recommend the White Buffalo (YUM!). Pricing is also very reasonable, you can expect to pay $9-$12 per meal.

Worth noting: The downfall to The Buff is that it is well known and on the weekends, expect to wait upwards of 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes drinks can take a little longer to come out, too. It's unique in that it is strictly a brunch spot and brunch is offered daily. If you can make it in on a weekday, you won't have to contend with the crowds. 

River and Woods


When: Saturday & Sunday, 9:30AM - 1:30PM

Bottomless mimosas for $12 on the most adorable backyard patio we've ever seen? Yes please! River and woods is an antique Boulder home that was re-purposed into a restaurant. The 'backyard' was turned into a patio with an old airstream, hay seats, and string lights (SO CUTE). River and woods definitely gets our vote for "most unique" places to brunch. They offer a smaller selection than some restaurants but it is all farm to table and delicious! The outdoor patio is a good size but you may have a wait if your heart is set on brunching outside (which we recommend!) If you're famished, there is an indoor area that can likely seat you more immediately.

Worth noting: They sometimes offer live music during brunch - also why we would consider it most unique! 


When: Saturday & Sunday, 9AM - 2PM

Mateo is definitely a lesser-known brunch spot in Boulder.  We will admit, we didn't assume the fancy French-inspired restaurant would offer reasonable brunch prices and true bottomless mimosas, but we were VERY pleasantly surprised. The food is ah-mazing, and the chef changes the menu frequently.  Not quite as creative with the mimosa choices here, but the waitresses circling with pitchers of mimosa definitely make it worth the price ($13).  We highly recommend sitting on the patio, where you're greeted by quaint wrought iron tables and a painted flower wall that makes you feel like you're dining in Europe.

Worth noting:  Weekend brunch is not well advertised here, so the wait is typically non-existent AND it's on the East side of Pearl street where there is usually ample parking.  Score!  


Have suggestions on other brunch restaurants in Boulder (or elsewhere)? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!