Lazy Dog

From the cozy cabin ambiance to the modern comfort style food, Lazy Dog is definitely a new favorite of ours! Not to be confused with "The Lazy Dog" the sports bar in Boulder/Westminster, Lazy Dog is a restaurant that got it's start in California and has recently graced Colorado with it's presence. 

From the moment we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with friendly faces (S/O to Melanie, our amazing waitress!). Their extensive menu will have something everyone in your party will love. Here are some of the menu items we tried: 



Even if you don’t like brussel sprouts, order us. These brussel sprouts are fried and covered in butter, lemon, garlic, capers, and Romano cheese.  They actually melt in your mouth, swear! As an added bonus, there are housemade croutons in the mix. We guarantee even brussel sprout haters will enjoy these beauties!





We loved the huge portion size and that there were two types of hummus on the plate!  They did a traditional hummus and spicy feta hummus. Each is topped with a cucumber tomato mix and served us with warm fluffy pieces of pita bread. The regular hummus was delicious with a slight hint of lemon and the spicy feta hummus had chunks of feta and a subtle spicy aftertaste.  This is a great app for sharing!




This sandwich was very spicy, as it comes with a fiery slaw mix. The generous amount of pimento cheese on top of the fried chicken complimented the spiciness well. We ordered the side of sweet potato tots and were totally pleased with our decision. The tots were paired with a jalapeño aioli, which had a southwestern chipotle flavor. Per the manager, they are rolling out a new fried chicken sandwich next month with honey mustard instead of the pimento cheese. We can’t wait to get in and try it! 



The bison meatloaf was definitely the star of the (lunch) show. It was wrapped in smoked bacon(!!!) atop a bed of red mashed potatoes. The dish had the perfect amount of gravy with bbq drizzled on top, finished with crispy onion strings.  The  meat was tender, with amazing flavors in and of itself, but the combination of the potatoes, onion and gravy/bbq sauce was on point.  This could easily be split between two people, but likely, you won’t want to share! This is one of their most popular dishes, and it was easy to see why!



The name says it all. The sweet, buttery cake is topped with a mint strawberry compote and the perfect vanilla bean ice cream.  The warm cake paired with the cold ice cream caused a melty mess that we couldn't get enough of.  Really, we tried to stop ourselves from eating more and failed miserably.  


Everything we tried at Lazy Dog was worth going back for.  The large portion sizes make for a good spot to bring family and friends to share a few appetizers or entrees.  One of our favorite features of the restaurant is that their patio is 100% dog friendly.  They even have a special menu for the doggos where you can choose white or brown rice, a protein and veggies for $4.95.  So, don’t forget to bring your furry friend when you visit Lazy Dog!  We know where we’ll be hanging out this summer-- see you there!